Heifer International Nepal

Goat Abattoir in Public-Private-Producer-Partnership Model

With Heifer's support and mediation, community leaders in Butwal, Nepal, agreed to start operating the first modern goat abattoir in the Himalayan nation’s fifth province.  

A disagreement between the Sub-Metropolitan and the Meat Entrepreneurs Association left the abattoir non-operational since its construction three year ago. Heifer Nepal brought the sides together, along with government representatives, private businesses and farmers’ institutions, to solve the issues. 

Part of the resolution was to create an inclusive committee on Abattoir Construction and Execution, which will oversee completing construction of internal structures to make the facility operational as soon as possible. The committee is co-chaired by the Mayor of Butwal and the President of Meat Entrepreneurs Association.

The Abattoir Construction and Execution Committee aims to start operating the abattoir within a year once the animal holding yard and waste management facilities are constructed, and processing machines are installed. Using the Public-Private-Producer-Partnership (PPPP) model, Butwal has committed $80,000 USD to complete the construction. The Meat Entrepreneurs Association, private businesses and producers’ cooperatives have also committed to providing financial support. 

According to the Meat Entrepreneurs Association, nearly 2,500 animals are slaughtered daily in an unhygienic way, which has direct health implication for consumers. In the absence of a modern abattoir, consumers have no option but to eat meat from an unhygienic facility. Local hotels and restaurants import packaged meat due to unavailability of good quality meat in Nepal. The modern abattoir is expected to address these problems, as well as help promote farming enterprises by providing a secure market to the small-scale producers.

Shiva Raj Subedi, Mayor of Butwal, thanked Heifer for bringing stakeholders together to initiate dialogue and to create a resolution. He committed to playing a proactive role in abattoir operation as a top priority.